"Hand-carved labors of love, illustrious illustrations, potent wordsmithery, funky-functional design…cowhide koozies. If these are among the things you came for, you’ll not close this collection disappointed. In fact, I would venture to guess that no matter the circumstance that bore this serendipitous encounter – whether it be business or pleasure – you will find something here that delights you. If that is the sole purpose this book serves, so be it. There are far worse crimes than the inundation of simple pleasures. And there are infinitely fewer pursuits these artists, these craftsmen, these “Hired Wrights” would choose to pursue. It is why there is a collective to speak of. What follows, quite simply, is the manifestation of artistry at work."  

- Clark Shepard, Hired Wrights Copywriter
Manifest Artistry was the Hired Wrights first public collaboration show. The show was a salon style collage display of work in the Maine College of Art's Artist at Work Gallery. It was originally scheduled for a month was extended by popular demand.