Johnny Dickinson
// Woodworking

John is a craftsman and artist, born and raised in Kennebunkport Maine. With a recent BFA from Maine College of Art in Woodworking and Furniture Design, he is currently practicing his skills under the name - Winter Hill Design. 

    Woodworking has been a passion of his since childhood. Growing up at his father’s household wood shop had him hooked early on. He worked as his father’s apprentice, building custom furniture and performing antique refinishing/repair up through high school. He then enrolled at Wentworth Institute of Technology where he studied Industrial Design for two years before transferring to MECA.


    Functionality and honesty to materials play vital roles in Johns design process. He creates useful objects with the hope that people will feel a sense of enjoyment through interaction with the work. Whether it be a playground inspired rocker, a hardwood mini-cruiser, or a simple household tool; John’s work is intended to display the wood’s natural beauty in a way that brings a smile to your face. Furniture and things-of-the-like must be visually pleasing. However to John, it is the inherent aspects of the wood grain like tone and figure that lend themselves to a well designed piece, not decorative embellishments and stained finishes. Furthermore, John’s use of multiple wood species in a single piece can create depth and contrast achieved in an organic manner.


    John is a life long Mainer so he has great respect for the state and its bountiful supply of natural resources. He uses local, responsibly and sustainably harvested lumber whenever possible. Other work he creates from salvaged woods like 200 year old pine, reclaimed support beams, and driftwood. John happily serves the surrounding community on projects large and small, simple and complex. His work has even made it to places as far as Florida and Newfoundland in the recent months since graduation.


    Please feel free to contact John regarding custom built furniture and wood products; he would love to hear your ideas and work with you to create something truly special and unique!

PO Box 2741
Kennebunkport, ME