Joe Lendway

After years of working as a carpenter on both coasts, I developed a passion for both the process of building and the materials involved. In particular, wood appealed to me because of its versatility. It is strong enough to support structures and sexy enough to finish them.

Through a natural progression in carpentry I started making furniture. I soon realized that creating furniture fulfilled my desire to both design and build objects, and allowed me to experience the materials on a more intimate level.

I decided it was time to fully invest myself in furniture. My wife and I moved to Portland, Maine, where I enrolled as a full time student in the Wood Working and Furniture Design Program at the Maine College of Art. MECA has been an amazing experience. I have learned a great deal about the technical and the theoretical components of art, and about myself as a contemporary maker.   

Woodworking continues to excite and motivate me. I approach the wood with an open mind, and find that observation leads to inspiration. The wood itself almost always dictates its use. Every piece is unique in character and speaks to the overall aura of the finished work.

New technologies, like the CNC Router, have become essential tools in furniture craft. I strive to achieve a happy balance between traditional woodworking techniques and the precision and efficiency of computer aided construction.   

I am also drawn to wood because it is one of the most sustainable resources we have, and I try to work with wood responsibly harvested from the Northeast region and from Maine whenever possible.

This website showcases some of my more contemporary work done mostly for specific assignments at school. I also enjoy building attractive functional pieces commonly found around the home or office. Simple bookcases and beautiful custom cutting boards all have a place in my practice.