Kara Munro
// Tattoo

Kara is originally from Central Vermont, the daughter of two artists, she moved to Portland to attend the Maine College of Art. After falling in love with the wonderful city and bustling community she decided to call it home on a permanent basis. She went on to graduate from MECA with an illustration degree in May of 2015. Establishing herself in Portland exposed Kara to not only an amazing art scene, but the phenomena and lively local tattoo culture. Her passion for a broad range of artistic mediums and the plethora of talented tattoo artists in Portland lead her to pursue her own path into the world of tattooing. After 4 years of hard work in art school and another year and a half of intensive apprenticeship, she became a licensed tattoo artist at ‘Til Death Tattoo, in the heart of the Old Port. She is one of 7 body modification artist there, each specializing in a unique style. 

Inspired by the wildlife and natural beauty that initially drew her to Maine, Kara creates animal and botanical themed neo traditional tattoos. Leaning heavily on what she learned in her schooling, as well as her background in illustration, result in a style and aesthetic all her own; while still paying careful attention not to abandon the traditional history of the industry that has so inspired her. Though most of her time is now dedicated to honing her craft, Kara is still creating prints and paintings to add to her artistic repertoire. She loves doing commissioned work, small and large scale, and can be found at ‘Til Death on Fore Street for any tattoo needs.  

For Ms. Munro, tattooing is about more than the rock star attitude that you see on the reality TV shows, it is about a love of the medium and the history that has unfolded thru the decades leading to the industry at present. Recognizing the importance of being both humble and respectful of those who came before you, is just as important as knowing when to adhere to traditions or break through stagnant stereotypes. Understanding that is far more valuable to Kara than any dollar signs or status symbols.